Grace + Fire | Bala Brunch

Bala is a sanskrit term meaning “strength of mind”. In our culture today, yoga is predominantly equated with the body only. Movement is a fraction of a deep yoga practice. It is essential, but only in part. The Bala Brunch embodies strength of both mind and body. A time of social levity, dharma discussion, and…

Grace + Fire | Root and Revel

Grace + Fire | Root and Revel is here! Riding in on the light of a new year, Root and Revel meets us at this transitional moment. Dig your heels into the present. Where have you come from? What have you accomplished? What are some of the bests that are yet to come? It’s time….

Fresh Air | Breath Chart

A new year is an invitation for fresh air – literally. Breath is the guide of the nervous system and communication between the two is constant! Here is a little chart to remind you to pause and breathe. Pause. Close your eyes. Take 10 nourishing deep breaths.Mark a circle for each day you do this…

Grace + Fire VI | Wrapped in Light

Grace + Fire VI | Wrapped in Light December may be rife with busy-ness and complexities. As we round out the year, our final Grace + Fire session will be a short-but-sweet three day virtual yoga retreat with ample time and space to dive into our deep relaxation response and to kindle the inner light…


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About Katherine

Hi, I’m Katherine! I am the heart and mind behind Black Fox Yoga. What began as teaching a few weekly classes while I was a full time early childhood educator has turned into this wonderful community.

My love of teaching is rooted deep in my heart. With a strong background in teaching beginners and a deep and continued study of yoga philosophy, I am open and welcoming to all yoga practitioners and I meet you where you are. My classes go beyond asana (the poses) into thoughtful and sustainable practice.

I believe in leaving space for students to find their individual practice. My background in power yoga and dance bring an athleticism to movement while my passion for honoring yoga’s history, the field of psychology, and wellness comprise a holistic teaching style. I teach what I practice and it is a constant coming home again.