Snow Day Yoga | Virtual Classes

With Winter Storm Grayson giving the northeast some new vocabulary (“bomb cyclone”?!), my newsfeed lit up with local businesses announcing their altered hours or closings altogether. But wait! Where will we do the yoga and eat the things?! Being on vacation this week myself and really not wanting to leave, I thought it was the perfect time to re-launch some virtual classes! This lovely idea came to me around 8:00 pm the night of the storm, and a cozy and stretchy Friday morning was had by a very special little crew donning pjs, sweats, and, yes, drinking iced coffee.

I will offer a few more of these classes throughout the winter before my spring schedule kicks up again, so keep an eye out for updates on Facebook!

About Virtual Classes

  • Who: You, me, anyone who has an internet connection. Your spouse, asking “Are you on the phone?”. Your pets and kids will probably make a cameo, too. That’s cool.
  • What: Online yoga from your own home. Save the time and effort of commuting to and from the studio and practice in your own space. Can’t smell you from here!
  • When: BFY virtual classes are offered occasionally as pop-up classes. If interest booms, I’ll throw them into a regular rotation.
  • Where: Anywhere you are, via Skype. Your living room, bedroom, office, basement, backyard. Virtual classes are especially awesome if you’re traveling and need some time on your mat at the hotel or Airbnb
  • Why: Simplify. Get more time for you off the road and save money on sitters.
  • How: Virtual classes currently run via Skype. You will need to create an account (free) and download the Skype platform (also free) to your computer or device. Registration is currently available for events via EventBrite as they become available.

    Cheers to more bombogenesis and snow day yoga!