Four Years | Onward


Four years ago, in winter, I rented studio space to teach my first public yoga class. I brought in some close friends, made a playlist of music we would all dig, and it flowed from that day on. I stamped a little black fox on my teaching and rode its back to 2018. I had no idea what would transpire in four short years. Having taught in dance studios, parks, beaches, gardens, gyms, cafeterias, and online, I have had my fair share of obstacles and fun. What makes it all worthwhile is that this is work I truly love. To be able to share with people the importance of wellness and movement, to connect with their inner workings and find acceptance and calm, and to connect with community and nature – I am so honored to be where I am today.

In recent weeks, I have found themes arising in my own practice: home, flowing waters, and space. Through various forms, these themes have brought themselves to me. I find it no coincidence that within weeks of buying a new home, a brand new studio was slated to open less than a mile from our house – just across the river. As I grow roots in so many new ways, I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

THANK YOU, endlessly, to all of my family, friends, students, teachers, and community members who have made BFY the clever little fox that it is today! ❤