Grace + Fire | UNFOLD | October 2020

Grace + Fire is returning in October for mini session IV – UNFOLD. This session is an invitation to clear out and unburden as we shift into autumn. We will gather virtually for yoga asana, meditation, and connecting within our global community. This session is one to warm your spirit, cultivate bright joy in connecting to your truest self, and to unfold into simplicity.

Grace + Fire mini sessions are online yoga retreats comprised of asana, meditation, and being warmed by community and connection. Cultivate joy and harmony, and find balance within your own grace and fire energies. More about Grace + Fire.


10/11 Sunday | Gather I | Welcome and meditation

10/12 Monday | Slow Flow | Slow vinyasa

10/13 Tuesday | Art + Asana | Create, move, breathe

10/14 Wednesday | Yin + Meditation | Yin yoga, extended savasana with meditation

10/15 Thursday | Steep Day | Offline, digital detox

10/16 Friday | Gather II + Social | Grounding out meditation and social hour

To Reserve Your Spot:

  1. Join the Grace + Fire Collective group on FB (required, open to all!)
  2. To register for this and subsequent G+F monthly sessions, head over to Patreon and subscribe.
  3. For this session only, payment may be sent via PayPal:
  4. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. Email Katherine at

Grace + Fire Collective cost: Free! 
Grace + Fire mini-session: $38*

*Please don’t let finances be an obstacle for you at this time. Reach out and we can make arrangements if needed.

A Note About the Session

The meaningful exchange that occurs during Grace + Fire is not something you find in a typical yoga studio class. Because of the dynamics of the program, it is essential that participants attend (as much as possible) the live meetings of the session, with video and audio on. This maintains the connection to one another and upholds the integrity of the social components, energy exchanged, warmth, wisdom, and joy of Grace + Fire.