Grace + Fire

Grace + Fire is more than your average yoga class or retreat. We meet in week-long mini retreats as well as single day events throughout the month. Take a plunge into a deeper practice!

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What is Grace + Fire?

The Grace + Fire Collective is a community for us to gather, connect, and cultivate balance in our lives. Each session creates a new space in which to open and illuminate your inner landscape, to ignite and bring to focus mindful and vibrant living, and to unfold into yourself with grace and harmony. Through asana (physical yoga postures), breathwork and meditation, yoga philosophy, chakra exploration, psychology, and cultivating creativity, Grace + Fire is the seed of expansion of spirit and soul.

The beauty of Grace + Fire Mini Sessions is that we can shine a light on some parts of ourselves that we may not have spent much time with. As we come together to connect, engage in self-inquiry, and carve out an intentional path to move forward on, we are able to build a community of empowered and wise souls. We begin each session by grounding in, breathing, and seeing one another. The building of community is integral to the Grace + Fire mission. Seeing and being seen, hearing and being heard. As the wise Susanna Barkataki said, “Yoga teaches a slow kind of truth called present listening. Listening in a way that hears others’ truths into being.”

Each of us has our own habits, traits, and natural flow of energies that make us who we are at our core, informing our path as we move through life. In the face of a pandemic, everything shifted. Life as we knew it was tipped off kilter and we need to regain steady footing. In Grace + Fire, we’ll bring some balance where we need it most – body, mind, heart, relationships, home, and community.

The G+F Collective is:

  • A free online group dedicated to yoga and movement, meditation, intentional living, creativity, and empowerment. 
  • Yoga beyond asana
  • A dive into what you need to build more intentional living and a stronger connection to your core self
  • An invitation to develop more positive and actionable impact for yourself, the people in your life, and the world community
  • Right this-a-way

We Gather through:

  • Mini Sessions – 6-8 day online yoga retreats with live classes, meditation, and discussion
  • Bala Brunch (2nd Sundays) and Special monthly events – Check the schedule for these!
  • Online, for now – I can’t wait to bring these special events to you in person as soon as it is safe to do so!

The G+F Collective is a FB group where we can gather, chat, and stay connected. You’ll receive updates on events, self care tips, intentions and mantras, and other lovely things.

Each monthly session is run virtually via Zoom (not Facebook) and requires paid registration for the full session.

You belong.

A note about Grace + Fire sessions

The meaningful exchange that occurs during Grace + Fire is not something you find in a typical yoga studio class. Because of the dynamics of the program, it is essential that participants attend (as much as possible) the live meetings of the session, with video and audio on. This maintains the connection to one another and upholds the integrity of the social components, energy exchanged, warmth, wisdom, and joy of Grace + Fire.